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For many logistics professionals, changes in the industry are happening too fast to benefit from them: the amount of moving goods is increasing rapidly, processes are becoming more and more complex, mistakes more unpredictable and costlier. Purely quantitative solutions do not help any further: In order to use the full growth potential, logistics must be raised to a new level. For example, through digitized processes and automated inventory management, which automatically generates data, continuously provides relevant information and thus enables more efficient logistics management.

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smart sensor technology solutions

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Capture data in flight. InventAIRy®

Automated stocktaking with drones.

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Your entry to the digital age. adamONE®

Smart sensors combined with machine learning for your individual needs.

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Automatically keep track. summAIRy®

Perfect for logistics professionals who need to think in terms of data.

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Automatically through the air from A to B. delivAIRy®

The fast lane in factory traffic: the airspace.

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