doks an der KLU

07.02.2020 | KLU Startup Day

The Logistics Startup Day will take place on February 7th, 2020 at the KLU in Hamburg. This year's key question is: How can research enable startups…

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End-of-year review 2019

An eventful 2019 comes to an end. Only to be followed by 2020, which is going to be even more exciting for our partners, customers, companions and…

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Doks bei Jubiläum

12.02.2020 | Internet of Manufacturing

"Manufacturing made smarter" is the motto of the fifth event of the Internet of Manufacturing, which will take place on the 11-12th February 2020 in…

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next level of digital logistics.

For many logistics professionals, changes in the industry are happening too fast to benefit from them: the amount of moving goods is increasing rapidly, processes are becoming more and more complex, mistakes more unpredictable and costlier.

Purely quantitative solutions do not help any further: In order to use the full growth potential, logistics must be raised to a new level. For example, through digitized processes and automated inventory management, which automatically generates data, continuously provides relevant information and thus enables more efficient logistics management.

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smart sensor technology solutions.

Capture data in flight.inventAIRy® X

Automatisierte Bestandserfassung mit Drohnen.

Automatically through the air from A to BdelivAIRy®

Die schnellste Überholspur im Werksverkehr: der Luftraum.

Automatically keep track.summAIRy®

Perfekt für Logistiker, die in Daten denken müssen.

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