After years of research and development, e.g. at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, the team behind doks. innovation takes the findings gained into practice. doks. innovation combines highly sensitive sensors, innovative carrier technology such as autonomous drones and intelligent software with machine learning algorithms to create a uniquely flexible and powerful eco-system for more efficient logistics processes.

Bring data to knowledge and knowledge to your competitive advantage: Get your warehouse inventory data in real time directly to your dashboard and avoid idle times and wrong bookings. Automatically let drones find lost cargo that you are missing or identify free space. Enhance your warehouse operations with continuous information and automated master data collection to maximize your valuable capacity. Let the system complete the inventory independently and automatically and document and archive all important data. You always have the current situation in your warehouse in view – on the device of your choice, updatable at the touch of a button.

The best thing is that you do not need more staff, but less. Manual activities such as counting processes are kept to a minimum: depending on the solution, they save up to 80% time and 90% costs.

doks. innovation offers four unique solutions: adamONE® as a sensor-supported software platform, inventAIRy® or summAIRy® as revolutionary automatic data acquisition via autonomous drones around pallet rack warehouses or around outdoor storage areas such as block storage areas as well as in inbound and outbound areas. And last but not least delivAIRy® as an autonomous delivery option for intralogistics on production facilities. All systems can be optimally cross-linked with each other and easily integrated into all common ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft or Oracle or most WMS. Whether it’s automating daily stocktaking, delivering urgent supplies to a plant site, or calculating bulk storage at outdoor storage areas, whether you need a fully integrated stand-alone solution or upgrading existing processes: doks. innovation takes your logistics to the next level. And prepare your company for the demands of a digitized future.

Our Competences

Sensor technology
Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Sensor integration
Autonomous navigation
Logistics expertise

The fabulous crew behind doks

The team behind doks. innovation GmbH consists of experienced hardware and software developers, data analytics experts and engineers on the one hand and logistics and project management professionals on the other.

Be a part of our team

doks. innovation was founded in 2017. The company has offices in Kassel, Dortmund and Hamburg. The software and robotics company develops solutions for automated data acquisition, processing and visualization for its logistics customers. Smart, autonomous robots and various sensor technologies are part of our solution environment.

The environment of our customers is characterized by flexible processes, speed and agility around logistics. Our team consists of experienced colleagues who love adventure and want to write history together. Everyone may take responsibility with us and enjoy the freedom of working on the basis of jointly agreed sprints based on Scrum.

Our Jobs in Kassel, Dortmund and Hamburg

Studentischer Mitarbeiter (m/w) Softwareentwicklung

Dein Einsatzbereich:
Als Mitarbeiter in der Entwicklung von Softwarelösungen (m/w) bist Du Teil eines Teams aus Ingenieuren, Robotikexperten und Softwareentwicklern.

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Junior Software Developer Computer Vision & Machine Learning (m/w)

Dein Einsatzbereich:
Als Mitarbeiter in der Entwicklung (m/w) bist Du Teil der Mannschaft aus Ingenieuren, Robotikexperten und Softwareentwicklern.

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