Founded in 2017 in Dortmund near the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, doks. innovation accelerates the digitization of stocktaking and inventory processes, the management of master data as well as the transportation of goods over short distances. The solutions are based on years of research and development and unite machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence and automation approaches.

Since January 2018 we operate out of our headquarters in Kassel and develop solutions that help logistics and industrial companies to automate and digitize warehouse and stocktaking processes. Proprietary algorithms for gathering and analysing different types of sensor data let you create a digital twin of your warehouse with a wealth of actionable information that helps you make better decisions. With the help of machine-learning algorithms, we process your data to relevant information and thus offer you advantages in the planning and design of your processes.

Turn data into knowledge and knowledge into a competitive advantage: Get your inventory and master data displayed in real time on your dashboard and avoid idle times and erroneous entries. Let drones and various sensors automatically find missing cargo or identify free spaces. Enhance your warehouse operations with the aid of continuous information and automated master data collection for an optimal use of your existing capacities. Let the system complete the stocktaking fully autonomously while documenting and archiving all relevant information. You can keep an eye on the current situation in your warehouse at all time – on the device of your choice, updatable at the touch of a button.

What’s best: You do not need more staff but less. Manual activities such as counting processes are kept to a minimum: Depending on the solution you can can expect time savings of up to 80% and cost savings of up to 90%.

doks. innovation offers three unique solutions:

  • inventAIRy® X enables automated stocktaking processes in pallet racks.
  • summAIRy®. sky, gate, and ceiling provide opportunities for the digital collection of inventory and master data, the automation of scanning processes, extraction of volume and dimension information, and the documentation of loading operations of in and outbound processes.
  • delivAIRy® relies on the revolutionary use of drones for transporting goods through the air for intralogistics and on production facilities.

All systems can be combined with each other and can easily be integrated into all common ERP systems as well as WMS. doks. innovation takes your logistics to the next level and prepares your company for the challenges of a digitised future.

Our Competences

Sensor technology
Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Sensor Integration
Autonomous Navigation
Logistics Eexpertise

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