inventAIRy X Release

inventAIRy® X Release

25. September 2019|6 Minutes

After about seven months of development, the time had come on September 11, 2019: doks. innovation presented the newly developed product inventAIRy® X in the Hamburg warehouse district. On the premises of the Digital Hub Logistics, companions, customers and the press came together for docs. Find out the answer to the need for a solution for automated inventory.

CEO Benjamin Federmann welcomed the guests and reported on the time of the establishment of doks .. It all started in a 6 sqm office with five people in 2017, the company now employs 18 people and has just gained additional office spaces in the Technology and Start-up Center (FiDT ) in the Wilhelmshöhe district of Kassel.

Afterwards CTO Mike Becker explained how the first idea became a prototype, the first series model and later inventAIRy® X. During several pilot projects with the predecessor model inventAIRy®, users faced various requirements, which doks. innovation will meet with the further developed model inventAIRy® X.

inventAIRy X im Einsatz
inventAIRy® X live.

The presentation of the latest docs. solution was seen as the highlight of the afternoon by all guests. The attendees were able to convince themselves of the working method of inventAIRy® X on a specially constructed warehouse model. The storage drone hovered completely autonomous in front of the shelf and recorded the self-build stocks. These were available in real time on the associated dashboard and were projected onto a screen.

For the inventAIRy® X release, doks. introduced customers using the latest solution in their warehouses. Hubert Borghoff, authorized officer and logistics manager of GROUP7, introduced his company and explained the planned project, to upgrade the inventAIRy® solution already used in a warehouse in Kelsterbach, to the new inventAIRy® X solution and the use of further doks. to force solutions. “We are very proud, together with doks. innovation GmbH to advance the future of modern data acquisition at our location in Kelsterbach, ”added Borghoff. Doks presented as another partner. the logistics giant CEVA Logistics. The cooperation with CEVA starts at one of the locations in the Netherlands.

After the product launch of the latest docs. solution, product manager Maik Schockenhoff introduced the summAIRy® solutions. sky for the inventory of empties, bulk goods and other objects in various logistics areas outside. At the same time, he also presented the first successful customer projects with summAIRy®. ceiling for block storage and summAIRy®. gate for inbound and outbound areas as well as master data acquisition in these zones. Subsequently, the flight demonstration was closed at the beginning of the event and Maik Schockenhoff presented delivAIRy®, an autonomously operating drone for the transport of samples, urgent parts and other goods. Afterwards, the numerous guests with appetizers and live music had the opportunity to talk to founders, developers and product managers.

What is new about inventAIRy® X?

inventAIRy® X is docs. answer to the need for an automated inventory in pallet racking. Equipped with 1D and 2D sensors and a 12 megapixel camera, inventAIRy® X not only records storage location but also other parameters such as storage temperature, packaging condition and any damages. New to inventAIRy® X is the associated floor robot, which supports the navigation and enables an independent change of the aisles, as well as the significantly smaller size of the drone, which now operates even more quietly and unobtrusively.