meet doks

meet doks.

doks is not just a job. doks is a team. doks is a community. doks is a possibility to make a change. We want to be the future of stocktaking. This plan is shared by a bunch of people that are unbelievably motivated and dedicated to their work.

Every single one of them gives his or her best to achieve our goal. At that point we want to introduce the precious people that make doks what it is. What does the logistics sector need? What makes doks. solutions special? What does it mean to be a member of the doks team? Who does even work at doks? Stay tuned and get answers!

My Job at doks.: CTO and Co-Founder

I work at doks, because: I am enthused for the subject and, as a Co-Founder, I have the opportunity to shape a young company.

Doks means to me: Work, friendship, passion.

The logistics sector needs: A way out of old habits towards digitized, connected and automated processes.

We are distinguishable, because: Our solutions are scalable and can be deployed without infrastructural changes.

My job at doks.: Product Manager

Doks. as an employer is: A great combination of a well structured company and the creative freedom that is necessary to develop good products in high speed.

What fascinates me about my job: the communication between different areas, especially to be the link between customer and development, that makes it possible to create a great product.

Drones in stocktaking are: a high level of automation, they can be deployed in a variety of warehouses and they can be integrated with minimum infrastructural adjustments.

Our customers benefit of automated stocktaking, because: they can explore the full potential of their data and by doing that, they get one step ahead of their competitors.

My job at doks: Product Marketing Manager

What fascinates me about my job: a wide range of tasks and to experience the capabilities of AI.

Doks. means to me: an awesome team that wants to achieve great things together.

What makes our solutions special: We achieve significant improvements without complex installations or a change in already existing structures.

Our customers benefit from automated stocktaking, because: it can optimize the quality and efficiency of inventory management.

My job at doks: Junior Full Stack Developer

What fascinates me about my job: That we can create something substantial out of an idea

Doks means to me: Job, Hobby and team spirit

Digitalizations means to me: The optimization of processes and workflows.

The benefits of drones in stocktaking are: They make the working place safer and reduce costs. But most of all the can generate more than just stock data.

My job at doks: Senior Software Developer

Working here since: Day 0

What fascinates me about my job: Robotic in realistic scenarios

Doks means to me: a bunch of crazy people that work close together with team spirit and discipline.

Digitalization means: A chance to increase efficiency and save resources at the same time.

My job at doks: Intern Engineering

Doks as an employer is: an inspiration, constructive support, growth, great incentives, recognition, flexible timings and a lot of chocolates.

I work at doks because: I love the working-environment, it feels like a second home.

The logistics sector needs: Revamping of current logistics model by implementing automation and AI based solutions to increase efficiency of the working flow and the throughput.

Our solutions are distinguishable because: Of an incredibly smart talented team, team work, lets do it motivation, learning from mistakes, credibility.

What I do at doks: Full Stack Developer

Doks as an employer: an exciting, innovative Business and a community

The logistics sectors needs: New ideas to master the increasing demands.

Our customers can benefit from automated stocktaking, because: time is money.