Automatically through the air from A to B.

In order to enable a save transport of samples, urgently needed (spare) parts and other goods through the air, doks. innovation developed delivAIRy®. Our drones offer a flight time of up to 25 min and a speed of up to 15 m/s. Take pressure off your factory traffic and overcome the limits of the existing infrastructure with the help of delivAIRy®‘s automated delivery process.

The solution includes everything you need for a robust workflow: Powerful drones, integrated flight planning, automated pickup and delivery, automated approach of relevant sources and sinks as well as a link to your ERP software or WMS.

delivAIRy® is the industry standard for safe transport over short distances. The patented technology for gripping objects allows the transport of almost any structure and is easily scalable.

The fast lane in factory traffic: the airspace.

The fastest and most efficient way to deliver urgently needed parts across your factory premise, no matter if serial or non-serial parts, is through the air. Overcome limitations of your existing infrastructure and speed up processes, avoid line stoppages and production downtimes.

The delivAIRy® drones are designed to be adaptable to your needs and can carry a variety of differnet loads, from small items and spare parts to material samples.

The delivAIRy® software is connected to your ERPEvery step of the process is documented and booking processes are seamlessly integrated.

The delivAIRy®software offers a comprehensive feature set:

  • Creation of different instances and users, including complex user management
  • Creation and management of fixed pickup and delivery locations
  • Assignment of user roles and rights
  • Integration of information systems for secure notification during transport operations
  • Route and flight planning
  • Automated flight clearance
  • Automated gripping of transported objects
  • Automated handoff of transported objects
  • Combination of navigation via GPS, LTE / 5G and based on visual sensor information – the drone will land with an accuracy of just a few inches
  • A control system allows the simultaneous use of multiple delivery drones
  • Integration of weather data

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