Capture data in flight.

inventAIRy® X is a complete solution for automated stocktaking and inventory management around pal­let rack areas.

It uses drones for data capturing, an autonomous ground vehicle (AGV) for navigation and a bunch of smart algorithms that make sense of all the data. inventAIRy® X achieves a precise localization and a fully automated digitisation of the entire warehouse.

Sensor technology

  • Inventory and management
  • Information about temperature, packing quality and posibble damages
  • Combination of drone and ground vehicle
  • For use in high rack pallet warehouses

Machine learning

  • Reduces idle times and labor costs for inventory processes
  • Save 90% of your manual inventory costs
  • Up to 80% time savings
  • Maximize transparency of your goods

Data analysis

  • Direct interfaces to ERP/WMS
  • Locate goods in real time and monitor processes
  • Standardized interfaces such as CSV and XML
  • Preservation of evidence and prospective planning instrument
summairy doks innovation solution

The inventAIRy® X App gives you instant access to all relevant information. It informs your planning and doubles as a a powerful tool for documenting evidence.

With inventAIRy® X you save time and money. Reduce idle times and staff count for manual stocktaking pro­cesses and replace the manual search in pallet rack areas with automated drone technology.

inventAIRy® X can perform tasks in pallet rack warehouses which are usually carried out by two to three employees using one forklift per team. The solution is designed to perform completely automated stocktaking processes in order to collect data for the inventory management. inventAIRy® X is your decision for the smart way of inventory management.

Save up to 80% of process time for stocktaking, reduce expenses compared to manual processes by up to 90%, and receive addi­tional data for optimizing your planning processes. inventAIRy® X offers maximum transparency for your pallet rack warehouse.

Get all the information you need. inventAIRy® X provides direct interfaces to ERP systems and WMS using all standard formats such as CSV and XML.

Localize your goods and monitor your warehouse processes in real-time. Get value-adding information on temperature, packaging quality, pallet quality, possible damages on your goods and much more.

With inventAIRy® X you will not only get data and digital information but also a visual representation of your warehouse. These images are used for both pattern recognition and inspection tasks, so that you get an optimal preservation of evidence.

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