doks. Innovations GmbH was spun off from the Fraunhofer IML Institute.

oks. innovations’ emphasis is on the gathering and provision of real-time information. The combination of different sensor technologies, analysis tools as well as the expertise of data experts in the context of situational ubiquitous systems is unique in this form. The sensors always collect as much data as is required by the parties involved. In principle, a wide range of different sensors can be adapted thanks to a modular design. Depending on the logistics customer’s requirements, their interfaces are open for the further evaluation of the data. The multisensory platform is not only individually adjustable, but also flexible in terms of carrier technology.

The founders know logistics very well. The team develops different algorithms and indices to optimize data analysis and further planning processes.

Autonomous flying drones indoors combined with multisensory platforms such as scanners, RGB cameras, thermal and multispectral sensors or RFID are unique offering tremendous benefits for warehouse and inventory management.

Solutions like summAIRy (R) fulfill the users’ demand for automation and digitization of information retrieval processes, taking into account the necessary of flexibility and speed.

The current shareholders of the doks. innovation GmbH are currently looking for additional investors and partners to secure the growth of the company and to jointly reach new markets and customer groups.

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