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Our sales and service team supports you throughout Europe and the United States. With our network of regional partners, you enjoy local support during all stages, from piloting to implementation and beyond. All products are available for sale and for rental, and come with service level agreements that are tailored to your specific needs.

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We are happy to answer your individual questions in a personal exchange. In the following we answer some of the frequently asked questions.

About InventAIRy® X

The inventAIRy® X drones fly for about 25 min and collect inventory data on one side of the aisle. The ground vehicle has an operating time of approx. 5 hours.

The dimensions of the inventAIRy® X drones are approx. 322 x 242 x 114 mm [incl. headlight] (L x W x H).

The inventAIRy® X software already has several integrated interfaces to ERP and WMS. In addition, a connection via CSV or XML data export and import is possible.

The inventAIRy® X system comes with its own 5 GHz WiFi to ensure communication between the tablet, drone and autonomous ground vehicle.

The inventAIRy®drones fly autonomously indoors without GPS and use visual information for a SLAM(simultaneouslocalization and mapping).

inventAIRy® X does not require any additional technical equipment, no retrofitting are necessary. 

About summAIRy®

This depends on the area. For example our system needs about 30min for an area of ​​40.000 m2.

No, the drone flies a pre-programmed flight path. According to the current german legal situation, a responsible person must be able to monitor the flight and intervene in an emergency, unless a special permit has been applied for and granted.

The drone can be flown without a drone pilot licence. We recommend a drone pilot licence for the operator, as this knowledge may also be required in the course of the insurance needed for this type of aircraft. In addition, a safe handling of aerial robots is relevant for professional users and should be verified this way.

The drone flight can be done in most weather conditions, with a few restrictions. Heavy rains, gale gusts and extreme solar storms (KPI) temporarily exclude a drone flight.

About delivAIRy®

The fully equipped delivAIRy® system can carry goods of up to 2.9 kg. We also offer alternatives to the current flight system, which can carry and transport larger goods.

The current flying platform for delivAIRy® can cover distances up to 6 km.

The maximum flight time of the delivAIRy® platform is 25 minutes.

No, our process is completely automated and controlled by our innovative CoPilot software. You just enter the destination and confirm the flight clearance. The rest is taken over by our software solution.

Our delivAIRy® control system permanently monitors all flight parameters live. The system can independently start an emergency program in an emergency situation. In this program, predefined emergency landing sites are approached and the drone will land safely. The flightpath to the emergency landing place is approached only via a safe rout, no matter from which position. In addition, our drones have the safest parachute system on the market, which has even been approved by the FAA to fly over human beings.

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