inventAIRy® - automated stocktaking with drones

inventAIRy® is the complete ecosystem for automated stocktaking and inventory management with drones and equipped with smart multi-sensors. Based on adamONE® and attached to other autonomous vehicles, inventAIRy® works with AGV or forklifts, too.

Agile and modular to meet your needs.

We combine object characteristics with location information.


Get all information you need. inventAIRy® provides direct interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP, Sage, Oracle and many others.


Localize your goods and monitor your warehouse processes in real-time.

Get value-adding information on temperature, packaging quality, pallet quality, possible damages on your goods and many more. With inventAIRy® you will not only get data information but also visual impressions of your warehouse. We use these images for pattern recognition as well as for inspection tasks.

We help to visualize your business processes.


With doks. DashBoard, warehouse managers get all information on just one screen.


Monitor inbound and outbound information, get information on the capacities, control your inventAIRy® drones and scroll through your latest stocktaking results.


doks. DashBoard is both, preservation of evidence and prospective planning tool.

Boost efficiency.
inventAIRy® will help to save time and money. Reduce idle times, reduce staff for manual stock-taking processes and replace manual search with automated drone technology. Instead of working with two employees and one forklift, inventAIRy® will fly automated in your warehouse to collect data for inventory management and stocktaking with drones.


inventAIRy® is your decision for the smart way of inventory management. Save up to 80% of process time for stocktaking, reduce up to 90% of expenses compared to manual processes and get numerous data to optimize your planning procedures. inventAIRy® offers
transparency for your warehouse.