summAIRy® - transform aerial data into logistics information

summAIRy® is doks. innovation's answer to revolutionize manual stocktaking and volume calculation processes around production facilities and logistics areas outdoors. No matter what you are going to count, measure or calculate - the summAIRy® machine learning algorithms will give you information based on aerial and ground based data. The combination of automated object detection, volume calculation and detection of quantities is unique for logistics and helps to save time and boost quality of your logistics processes. Direct interfaces to your ERP or WMS are the key to information within minutes instead of hours and days.

  • Automated stocktaking of empties
  • Automated fleet management
  • Inventory management around outdoor storage areas

summAIRy® can be equipped with RFID sensors, barcode scanners and extended with automated information recognition based on written text, symbols or signs and many other characteristics.