Automatisch den Überblick behalten. 

summAIRy® is doks. innovation‘s solution for revolu­tionizing manual stocktaking and volume calculation processes around production facilities and logistics areas. No matter what you are going to count, mea­sure or calculate – summAIRy®‘s computer vision and machine learning algorithms will have you covered.

The combination of automated object detection, volu­me calculation and detection of quantities is unique in the logistics sector and helps to save time and boost the quality of your logistics processes. With direct interfaces to your ERP system or WMS, you gain ac­cess to all relevant data in minutes instead of hours. When other means of identification are available, such as RFID tags, summAIRy® will work with these just as well.

perfect for logistics professionals who need to think in terms of data.

summairy doks innovation solution

summAIRy®. sky’s goal is to calculate bulk materials as well as to count other goods stored outdoors.

summAIRy®. sky is based on standard, industrial drones, a variety of sensors (optical and RFID, amongst others), and a suite of proprietary algorithms for data analysis.

summAIRy®. ceiling is the key to automated capturing of full and empty containers, bulk materials and other objects in various logistics and production areas.

The solution uses information from an array of energy autonomous sensors installed below the ceiling and above the area of interest.

Powerful algorithms turn this raw information into inventory data and even master data (when using supplementary components), and let you monitor the state and quality of each of your objects.

summAIRy®. gate automates the documentation of loading units and goods as they enter and leave a warehouse, or are loaded onto a trailer. At the same time, it allows you to add new or update existing master data.

A movable scanner system picks up information about each individual pallet while the volume of the handling unit is determined with an array of cameras and high-resolution images.

The solution offers automated scanning of labels or tags. Based on all data load units can be decomposed into individual parts. Thus, loading as well as unloading processes are recorded automatically and pallet labels are read in by a movable scanner system. At the same time, the volume of the handling unit is determined by means of an array of cameras and high-resolution images allow a further separation of individual items.

By analysing all units entering and leaving the warehouse, summAIRy®. gate lets you improve your master data.

Based on machine learning, the summAIRy® software offers data analytics features such as pattern and damage recognition, preservation of evidence as well as detection of structural anomalies.

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