automatically keep track. 

summAIRy® is doks. innovation’s answer to revolutionize manual stocktaking and volume calculation processes around production facilities and logistics areas outdoors. No matter what you are going to count, measure or calculate – the summAIRy® machine learning algorithms will give you information based on aerial and ground based data. The combination of automated object detection, volume calculation and detection of quantities is unique for logistics and helps to save time and boost quality of your logistics processes. Direct interfaces to your ERP or WMS are the key to information within minutes instead of hours and days.

perfect for logistics professionals who need to think in terms of data.

Automated counting of full and empties in block storage areas, bulk goods or other goods stored outdoors with sensors mounted on drones. The solution is based on standard industrial drones as well as image sensors, RFID sensors or others and uses machine-learning algorithms for data analysis in post-processing.

summAIRy sky

Automated counting of full and empties in indoor block storage areas, bulk goods or other goods. The solution uses the information of an array of energy autonomous sensors mounted below the ceiling above the area of interest. Captured image data is analysed by software tools based on machine-learning algorithms. Use this solution to get master data and qualified information on your objects as well.

Automates the documentation of load units and goods entering and leaving a warehouse as well as the process of loading the units on a trailer. In addition, master data is generated and recorded in a continuous process. The unit is mounted on every loading bridge or in a central spot in the inbound and outbound area to measure dimensions and to calculate volumes, make high-resolution images for documentation purposes or 3D-models. summAIRy®. gate offers automated scanning of load unit labels and based on all data load units can be decomposed to analyse single items. Thus, loading as well as unloading processes are recorded automatically and pallet labels are read in by a movable barcode scanner. At the same time, the volume of the handling unit is determined by means of an array of cameras, and high-resolution images enable a further separation of individual items. By analysing all units entering and leaving the warehouse, summAIRy®. gate improves the master data base continuously. Based on machine learning, summAIRy® software offers data analytics features such as pattern and damage recognition, preservation of evidence as well as detection of structural anomalies

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