End-of-year review 2019

19. December 2019|10 Minutes

An eventful 2019 comes to an end. Only to be followed by 2020, which is going to be even more exciting for our partners, customers, companions and followers. At this point we want to take a moment to review the last 12 months, 2.5M m2 of our customers’ storage space, 1.7M pallets in their pallet rack areas and more than 500.000 vehicles in total.

A merry christmas and a happy and successful 2020 to you and your families. We are grateful for so many rewarding cooperations in 2019 and we are looking forward to an even more successful 2020!

The team of doks innovation


The Air – The fast lane in factory traffic

While there were discussions on last-mile delivery via air everywhere, our customers took action and started revolutionary projects with our delivery-drone delivAIRy®. Especially our project at thyssenkrupp steel in Duisburg had an outstanding impact in the media.

thyssenkrupp deploys our drone to deliver samples to a laboratory for further investigation. Before the use of delivAIRy®, an employee had to drive the 2,2 km route by car, which took up to 20 minutes, because there are several railroad crossings to pass. With the help of delivAIRy®, thyssenkrupp was able to double the speed of the delivery process.

Plus: The entire process, including flight-planning and the autonomous operation of the drone beyond eye-sight is approved by the authorities (BVLOS).

Learn more on delivAIRy® and watch it operate at the thyssenkrupp steel factory premise in Duisburg.

Counting from the bird’s eye view

Collect stock data automatically and relieve employees to make them available for more value adding tasks – summAIRy®. sky makes it possible. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Our experts are always up for a challenge and came up with a solution that tackles the challenges of automated stocktaking by combining drones and Artificial Intelligence for data processing. Volume, Amount and single objects are captured precisely and the collected and processed data can be directly transferred to ERP/WMS.

We also launched summAIRy®. ceiling. summAIRy®. ceiling is the key to the automated capturing of full and empty containers, bulk materials and other objects in various logistics areas. Both solutions help our customers to save money and resources and take advantage of real-time data. The technology is based on the processing of visual data.

In outside areas, pictures for further processing are taken by drone, inside visual data are generated by cameras, that are attached to the ceiling. The camera and the drone operate autonomously and there is no need for additional energy supply or hardware for data transfer. It processes the data especially considering the employees’ privacy.

Automotive Manufacturer Volkswagen currently uses summAIRy®. sky in Wolfsburg, Daimler and Seifert Logistics deploy summary®. ceiling in Mannheim.

Learn more about summAIRy®.

inventAIRy® X – the next generation of stocktaking

in September we proudly presented inventAIRy® X, our further developed solution for stocktaking in high palett rack areas during a release event at digital hub logistics Hamburg. After a live presentation we could also announce two cooperations: CEVA Logistics and GROUP7 are rewarding companions in 2019. After the presentation our guests had a nice evening with food, drinks and interesting chats.

inventAIRy® X is doks’ answer to a demand in automated stocktaking in high rack pallett areas. A drone, equipped with sensors and a high-resolution camera, operates in combination with an AGV. The AGV allows navigation without GPS and can change the aisles autonomously. The doks software processes the collected data to valuable information that can be directly transferred into WMS/ ERP-system.

That allows logistics companies to automate highly manual activities and to create a digital twin of their warehouse to plan their processes more efficiently in the future.

Learn more on inventAIRy® X and the release-event.

More 2019

We had the pleasure to be part of many great events in 2019 either as exhibitors or as speakers. We attended LogiMAT, Hannover Messe, Microsoft Innovation Summit and the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin, to name only some of them. We met customers, worked on promising innovations and set up rewarding partnerships.

Another pleasant side-effect of our work were several awards, namely the start-up contest Promotion Nordhessen, and the Innovators Pitch in the category Digital Supply Chain, BITKOM. We also won the KfW-Award Gründen for Hessen. All in all, we look back on a successful and exciting 2019 and we already have plans for 2020…

2020 – the next level

…because we believe in digital progress in logistics and we consider it our goal to push digitalization in logistics to the next level. For this purpose we stay in motion and keep on improving ourselves and our solutions, always considering what our customers really need. That is why you can look forward to a new release in 2020! Stay tuned and witness the next breakthrough in digital logistics!